Mcchip gives Volkswagen Golf R 311-hp for a fairly affordable price

Mcchip Volkswagen Golf R

Whether or not the 266-hp Volkswagen Golf R will come to the United States is still up in the air – and if that’s something you’re very sensitive about, we suggest you skip over this story as it’ll only make you more jealous.

German tuning firm Mcchip-DKR has unveiled a new performance upgrade for the Golf R hot-hatch. The upgrades include a software upgrade for the engine control unit that increases horsepower from 266-hp to 311-hp and 325 lb-ft. The cost of the upgrade comes in at an affordable €899 ($1,152 USD).

Mcchip is also offering a tuned suspension along with lowered H&R springs for €350 ($448 USD) and €3,190 ($4,089 USD) for Z Ultraleggera 8×19-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 235/35 performance tires.

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Mcchip Volkswagen Golf R:

2010 Volkswagen Golf R:

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Mcchip (via WCF)