Keep ’em coming: Another Ferrari 458 Italia catches fire, burns down

Ferrari 458 Italia Fire in Costa Mesa, CA

It goes without saying that the 458 Italia, Ferrari”s successor to the F430, is a highly prized possession, and one that””given both price and performance””seems to have no match from Lamborghini, Porsche, Koenigsegg, Pagani, or any other supercar maker. That”s what makes every destroyed 458 seem so sad- whether it”s driver error or mechanical failure, every one lost is a shame. 458s have been dropping extremely often since their launch roughly 90 days ago- 9, along with one crash tested car.

The most recent loss comes in Costa Mesa, California. The first 458 wreck in the United States, it”s the fourth one lost to a fire of some sort. Others have been lost in Spain, England, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and Maranello, Italy.

The red 458 simply fell victim to an engine fire, which required a truck to put out. As bad as the owner must feel, odds are they can afford to buy another one- the real losers in this wreck, like all 458 (and exotics) wrecks, are the less wealthy gearheads who, in 10 or 20 years, might have had a chance at seeing the car in a museum or at an exhibition. Share your thoughts on this wreck, the frequency of 458 wrecks, or your own comments on the event below.

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Refresher: Power for the Ferrari 458 Italia comes from a mid-rear mounted 4.5L V8 producing 570-hp at 9,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 398 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm. Mated to a dual-clutch 7-speed F1 gearbox, 0 to 62 mph comes in just 3.4 seconds with a top speed of over 202 mph.

Ferrari 458 Italia Fire in Costa Mesa, CA:

Ferrari 458 Italia:

Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 458 Italia

– Zain Haq

Source: WreckedExotics