White House praises new GM CEO, applauds Whitacre

Dan Akerson

By now most of you should already know that General Motors’ current CEO and Chairman Edward Whitacre Jr., will be stepping down on September 1 and will be replaced by Daniel Akerson – but what does the U.S. government, which owns 60.1 percent of the Detroit automaker, think about the upcoming CEO?

On Saturday, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs praised GM’s decision to name Akerson as the new CEO of GM, who will also take the duties of Chairman on Jan. 1, 2011.

“Our belief is that Dan Akerson is a proven and well-respected individual that will carry on what Ed and others have started in restructuring an auto company that not too long ago was on the brink of extinction,” Gibbs said. “They announced again yesterday a quarterly profit. They are on the upswing, as the other auto companies are, as well.”

The White House also praised the efforts of Whitacre.

“We are grateful for, and I think the country should be grateful for, the service and the sacrifice of Ed Whitacre,” Gibbs said.

Akerson will be come the fourth CEO of GM in the past 18 months.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News