Video: Cash Money CEO Birdman takes delivery of his Bugatti Veyron

Birdman checks out his new $2.5 million Bugatti Veyron

Birdman, who also goes by his real name, Bryan Williams, when he’s going about doing business as the CEO of Cash Money Record, just took delivery of his brand-new read Bugatti Veyron. Birdman showed up in Cadillac Escalade Platinum and a red Adidas sweatsuit to check out his new red Veyron, which has an estimated price tag of $2.5 million.┬áSince the base price on a Veyron is somewhere around $1.5 million, we’re pretty sure Birdman did something crazy to make his Veyron stand out from Simon Cowell’s and Tom Cruise’s.

Thanks to Seth for the tip.

Check out the video after the jump.

Note: Yes, there is a lot of swearing in the video so consider yourself warned.

Birdman takes delivery of his Bugatti Veyron:

– By: Omar Rana