U.S. Transportation Dept. says electronics are not to blame in Toyota’s unintended acceleration

Ever since Toyota’s acceleration recall woes begun, it has stayed firm on its statement that faulty electronics are not to blame for unintended acceleration in its vehicles. A government investigation released today confirmed Toyota’s statement that no safety defects beyond problems with accelerator pedals explain reports of sudden acceleration.

A review by the government, while still at an early stage, shows that electronic systems are not to blame for the problem.

Toyota has recalled about 9.5 million vehicles since last October in a quality crisis that has damaged the brand’s reputation. The Transportation department and NASA have been investigating the issue for some time now. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that it has received 3,000 complaints about sudden acceleration and estimates that the problem could be involved in the deaths of 93 people over the last 10 years.

The Transportation Department said that it has found no new cause for the problem besides the two previously found issues in the recall – floor mat entrapment and sticking accelerator pedals.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: MSNBC