Think the Porsche 911 has boring design? Check out what Misha Design did about it

Porsche 911 Turbo body kit by Misha Design

One of the 911″s most dividing characteristics is its signature, age-old design. Some laud the German brand for maintaining tradition, while others take a different viewpoint; Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear’s main host, once commented that “Porsche has the laziest design team in the world.”

Well, to the (potential) delight of those in tune with Clarkson, Misha Design have released a body kit for the 997 911 Turbo. In addition, some of the parts also have performance advantages for the undisputedly awesome, legendary sports car.

The changes start at the hood, where the 911 gets a more flat front, punctuated with an elevated center, as normally seen on American muscle cars. This creates hood vanes, which help with intake and downforce. Carbon fiber blades can further sell the very rectangular look. On the back, carbon fiber diffusers and venture grills that come with the custom rear bumper help generate downforce while decreasing weight, making the car more nimble and maneuverable. The custom rear spoiler also adds downforce and can go up or down, for either downforce or max speed as required. The front of the car is lowered, which both adds a look of menace and removes some of the 911″s eminent practicality.

So, then, the verdict on this package is most decidedly out; leave your thoughts in the comments.

Porsche 911 Turbo body kit by Misha Design:

– By: Zain Haq

Source: Misha Design (via WCF)