Sportec Porsche Panamera Turbo gets up to 575-hp

Sportec Porsche Panamera Turbo

Swiss tuning house Sportec has unveiled a two stage performance upgrade for the Porsche Panamera Turbo.

The stage one kit uses a reconfigured ECU that takes output to a “dyno-proven” 560-hp and 576 lb-ft of torque – an increase of 67-hp and 60 lb-ft over the standard Panamera Turbo. That allows 0-62 mph to come in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 190 mph. The second stage conversion adds a cat-back stainless-steel sports exhaust system with 3.5-inch tailpipes. Power is increased to 575-hp and 598 lb-ft of torque. 0-62 mph comes in 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 190 mph.

As far as pricing goes, the Sportec stage one is priced to the equivalent of $4,600 while the stage two upgrade will run you $12,700. Personally, we’re not sure if an extra $8,100 is worth it for the stage two kit since you only knock off .1 seconds of your 0-62 time. Either way, it’s your call.

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Sportec Porsche Panamera Turbo:

2011 Porsche Panamera:

Press Release:


Brackley, Northamptonshire, 4th August 2010 — APS of Brackley, UK importer for the Swiss Sportec range of exclusive vehicle enhancements, is pleased to announce the launch of a two stage performance enhancement program for the 4.8-litre, bi-turbo, four wheel drive Porsche Panamera.

From the factory, the four door Panamera produces a quoted 493 bhp / 516 lb.ft, but through careful development and testing using Sportec’s state of the art dyno test cell in Hori, Switzerland, Sportec’s engineers have developed a pair of upgrade packages for owners seeking additional performance.

Sportec Porsche Panamera Turbo Stage One
Sportec’s Stage One conversion for the Porsche Panamera uses a bespoke Sportec ECU remap, with optimised settings for fuelling, ignition and turbo boost parameters. The results are a Panamera with a dyno proven 560 bhp @ 6150 rpm, representing a healthy power hike of 67 bhp, allied to 790 Nm (576 lb.ft) of torque at 3340 rpm, an increase of 60 lb.ft over the standard car.

On the road these performance gains endows the four door, 1970 kilogram car with far greater real world pace. In gear acceleration and mid-range urge are transformed and in private testing the Sportec Stage One upgraded Porsche Panamera has recorded a 0-100 kmh (62 mph) time of 3.9 seconds, 0.3 seconds than standard. In the interests of safety top speed is limited to 315 kmh (190 mph.)

Priced at £2900.00 fitted including VAT @ 17.5%, the Sportec Stage One upgrade for the Porsche Panamera Turbo is on sale now from sole UK concession APS of Brackley.

Sportec Porsche Panamera Stage Two
Sportec’s Stage Two conversion for the Panamera turbo features the addition of a cat back stainless steel sports exhaust system, which features quad 90mm diameter Sportec engraved tail pipes, for a subtle, understated look. It also features a pair of ‘sound throttles,’ which enable the owner to define and switch the exhaust note of the car in real time, using a supplied remote controller.

In combination with the revised Sportec ECU remap, the Stage Two converted Panamera delivers 575 bhp @ 5800 rpm, an improvement of 83 bhp over the factory figures, matched to 820 Nm (598 lb.ft) between 3000-4250 rpm ““ an impressive gain of 83 lb.ft.

This endows the Sportec Panamera with near supercar levels of speed, delivering an effortless surge of exhilarating performance from the twin turbocharged 4.8-litre V8 engine, making both overtaking and fast cruising an effortless experience. Testing has revealed that Stage Two Sportec Panamera Turbo clocks a 0-100 kmh (62mph) time of 3.8 seconds, with the same limited top speed of (315 kmh) 190 mph.

Priced at £7990.00 fitted including VAT @ 17.5%, the Sportec Stage Two upgrade for the Porsche Panamera Turbo is on sale now from sole UK concession APS of Brackley.

A full range of exclusive Sportec upgrades for the facelift Porsche Panamera range, including 22 inch forged alloy wheels, suspension and braking upgrades, as well as cosmetic enhancements, is also on sale now.

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– By: Omar Rana