Audi Q7 S-Line gets a makeover, more performance from JE Design

Audi Q7 S-Line by JE Design

German SUVs have been growing in popularity among every type of car consumer, from stay at home moms to young urban professionals. The Audi Q7, a prime example of just such an SUV, therefore has a consumer base wide enough to draw the interest of any design firm willing to try their hand at developing a package. JE Design has done so, bolstering both the image and the intensity of the car with a body and performance kit.

A front spoiler, rear spoiler, and flared wheel arches help accentuate the Q7″s already substantial presence, while rear bumper extensions and new tailpipes add some style to observers standing behind the modified vehicle. In addition, headlight masks and new 22-inch wheels give the car a distinctly non-stock look and feel: in fact, with the wheels JE also adds a “steering angle limiter” to dissociate the wheels and the chassis. All this, along with lowering the car, make JE”s Q7 a force to behold on the road, in traffic, or stopped on a road or driveway.

On the road, though, is where JE”s Q7 draws the most attention; the performance upgrades guarantee the attention of all passerby- or, to be more specific, the attention of those you pass by. Upgrade to the 3.0 L TDI engine”s ECU allow for the extraction of just over 50 additional horsepower and 37 more lb-ft of torque, giving the massive automobile a 0-60 mph time of 8.4 seconds and a top speed of 136 mph, both up on the stock Q7 model. JE Design”s efforts on the Q7 have paid off, and consumers of all types- from soccer moms to young attorneys, actuaries, or accountants- should give this package at least a once-over.

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Audi Q7 S-Line by JE Design:

Press Release:

Wide-bodied Audi with powerful performance: JE DESIGN upgrades the Audi Q7 S-Line

  • Performance raised from 233 to 285 hp and 550 Newton metres
  • Wide body contributes to the SUV’s assertive road presence
  • 22-inch SUV-Select light alloy wheels in graphite silver
  • All components with TÃV Certificate

With its wide-body construction and increase in performance of more than 20 per cent, JE DESIGN transforms the Q7 into an SUV with enormous road presence and increased overtaking power. The 22-inch-wheels and the double exhausts emphasise this impression even more.

To start with the 3.0-litre standard diesel version produces 233 hp (171 kW). By optimising the engine control unit, JE DESIGN raises this figure to 285 hp (210 kW). As a result the maximum torque from the compression-ignition engine increases from 500 to 550 Newton metres and the top speed from 210 to 219 kph. The 2.3-tonne vehicle reaches the 100-kph mark in a mere 8.4 seconds instead of the 9.1 seconds needed by the standard version.

The new software for the engine control unit is provided by JE DESIGN for only 1499 Euro including VAT. This even includes a one-year warranty on the motor, turbo-charger, gearbox and drivetrain and which, for only 199 Euro, can be extended for a further year, as long as the vehicle is not more than two years old and has driven fewer than 100,000 kilometres. In their own workshop in Leingarten, Germany, the optimising process takes only three to four hours. Alternatively JE DESIGN can have the engine control unit picked up by courier and deliver it again the next day.

The vehicle’s assertive road presence is achieved by the wide body design. Using it, JE DESIGN makes the Ingolstadt vehicle take on an enormous width and gives the SUV an aggressive presence. The transformation covers the front spoiler corners which JE DESIGN offers for the Q7 S-Line in pairs, with and without the wide body kit (690 Euro), the twelve-part flared wheel arch kit including the door trim (2699 Euro), and the rear bumper extension with lozenge-shaped double exhaust outlets on both sides (1798 Euro). The forbidding look facing forward is achieved by the headlight covers (99 Euro). At the rear the spoiler tail unit, which in addition covers the C-pillars (1099 Euro), ensures the required down-force and puts the finishing touch to the uncompromising exterior.

The entire JE DESIGN Wide Body kit is not reserved only for the S-Line models. The engineers at JE DESIGN have developed the wide construction so that it fits on all Q7 models regardless of year of manufacture and the Facelift Model (apart from the W12 TDI).

The electronic lowering (1428 Euro) on the one hand improves the JE DESIGN Q7’s sporty appearance and at the same time heightens the SUV’s passion for bends. At 35 millimetres nearer to ground level, the powerful vehicle definitely provides a livelier ride round bends and obstacles.

Inside the extended wheel arches, the SUV-Select 10×22-inch light alloy wheels in particular attract the eye. The graphite-silver rims with the polished edge strip and Ultra-High Performance 295/30-size tyres are available from JE DESIGN for 5190 Euro. The wheel spacers move the wheels at the front 60 millimetres, and on the rear axle 80 millimetres outwards so that they fit flush with the wider body (409 Euro). The steering angle limiter ensures the wheels cannot touch the chassis (49 Euro).

With the Q7 Wide Body kit, JE DESIGN turns the Audi Q7 S-Line into an SUV with overpowering domination on the road. The combination of 22-inch wheels, the lowering and the increase in performance demonstrates the high standards set by the customizer from Leingarten. As is to be expected, JE DESIGN supplies all components with the appropriate TÃV Certificate to ensure registration in the vehicle’s documents without further ado.

– By: Zain Haq