Report: Saab 9-2 to get BMW chassis, Saab 9-3 coupe on the drawing board

Saab 9-1 Concept by Fabio Ferrante

We’ve seen so much interest from new owner Spyker to build an Audi A1 fighting Saab 9-2 that it seems like the car is already rolling down the production line. There is even a huge interest from Saab fans who have already started a “Saab 91 Petition & Support Group” on Facebook.

The latest reports on the 9-2 (9-1) suggest that Spyker is still in close talks with BMW to help manufacture the car.

We could build the 9-2 on our own, but that wouldn”t make sense,” new boss Victor Muller said. “Thanks to the crisis in the industry, everyone is willing to share everything. So Spyker couldn”t have bought Saab at a better time.”

Saab is most likely to use BMW’s planned joint project with PSA Peugeot Citroen to produce a front-wheel-drive chassis – the chassis will be used on the next-generation Mini and 1-Series.

Muller also hinted that Spyker is planning a 9-3 coupe.

Saab 9-1 Concept by Fabio Ferrante:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoExpress, CarScoop