Toyota: Sequoia SUV not going anywhere, model continue to be profitable

2010 Toyota Sequoia

Rumors started earlier last week that Toyota is going to kill the giant Sequoia SUV. While that may be believable since sales of the model have fallen drastically in the past year with only 5,700 sold in the U.S. this year through June, Toyota says the report is false.

In a statement released last week, Toyota said:

Toyota denies any reports of the discontinuation of the Sequoia. For obvious competitive reasons, Toyota does not discuss future product plans. Sequoia continues to be a profitable, high-quality vehicle for Toyota and several years remain in the life of the current generation. Our focus remains on building our vehicles, including the Sequoia, with the highest possible quality.

So for all you giant SUV lovers that still want to get their hands on a Toyota Sequoia, you can head down to a Toyota dealer now or wait until the Japanese automaker redesigns it.

– By: Stephen Calogera