Report: Kia gunning for Volkswagen-like quality

2010 Kia Rio

Kia is out to get Volkswagen – and we’re not kidding. In an interview with AutoExpress, the company’s head of product planning David Labrosse said that the company’s upcoming Rio mini hatchback will aim to match the quality and feel of a Volkswagen Polo, but with better styling (which we wouldn’t be too hesitant to believe since Kia’s head of design is Audi’s former design head, Peter Schreyer).

Labrosse said that the firm is looking to target Volkswagen’s quality benchmark and doesn’t “want all of our cars to look the same.” He said: “When we launched the Cee”d in 2006, it showed that Kia can build a car that can compete in Europe. With the Sportage, we are introducing style and premium quality to an affordable model.”

Matching Volkswagen-like quality won’t just stop at the next Rio. The philosophy is expected to be carried out across Kia’s range and we’re praying it will eventually make it over to the United States.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoExpress