Konigseder gives Nissan GT-R 572-hp and a bright orange exterior

Konigseder Nissan GT-R

Because of the Nissan GT-R’s status as an everyman supercar, even more tuners than normal have taken cracks at getting the most out of the 3.8 L V6 performance car. Up with their best attempts now are Königseder, an Austrian company specializing in styling and performance kits. Königseder have unveiled a plan involving a new ECU, a sport air filter, and a new, titanium exhaust.

These changes up the power from 485 to 572 hp, a noticeable difference, and a difference that gives the Nissan significantly more oomph. Königseder now have the GT-R going from 0-120 mph in 9.8 seconds- an important benchmark for ultra-fast cars.

Onlookers will know the car”s modified status from a single glance as well: a new, more aerodynamic (and eye-catching) body kit, as well as larger wheels and a new suspension kit, top off the impressive package. The already impressive GT-R R35 seems to take a further step forward with this performance package, and any GT-R owner would do well to give Königseder”s package a serious look.

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Königseder Nissan GT-R:

– By: Zain Haq