Lexus recalls 39,000 2003-2007 model year LX 470 SUVs

2003 Lexus LX 470

Along with the recall of 373,000 Toyota Avalons, the Japanese automaker is recalling 39,000 2003-2007 model year Lexus LX 470 vehicles due to an issue with the steering shaft – bringing the total to more than 400,000 vehicles recalled today.

Lexus’ explanation of the Lexus LX 470 recall:

Lexus has determined that the construction of the steering shaft on involved LX 470s is such that the snap ring on the shaft may disengage when the vehicle experiences an unusually severe impact to the front wheels, such as striking a deep pothole. If the snap ring becomes disengaged and the steering wheel is then repeatedly turned to the full locked position, the steering shaft may disengage over time.

The luxury brand says there have been no reports of any accidents related to the recall. To fix the issue, Lexus will replace the snap ring snap ring with a newly designed one and the installation of an additional component to prevent separation of the steering shaft.

Owners will be notified throughout August and can contact Lexus Customer Satisfaction at 1-800-25 LEXUS or 1-800-255-3987 or at for more info.

– By: Omar Rana