2011 Iconic AC Roadster is the muscle car of the modern-era

2011 Iconic AC Roadster

Muscle cars took the automotive market by storm in 1960s and reached their peak of power, performance and fascination around 1970, at least according to Iconic Motors. The luxury, high-performance vehicle maker is now looking to capture the attention of enthusiasts who are looking for “unparalleled power and innovative performance” with their 2011 Iconic AC Roadster. The vehicle is said to be a “modern-era muscle car which pays tribute to its historic brethren via its appearance while showcasing the technological advancements of today underneath its skin.”

Designed from the ground up, the Iconic AC Roadster has undergone some serious engineering development and great attention to detail.

“The ICONIC AC Roadster is more than just a car, it’s among the world’s most refined and beautifully designed super cars,” said Claudio Ballard, chairman and founder, ICONIC Motors. “It’s the lightest, strongest, most well engineered, high performance roadster of our time. The engine, drive train, support electronics and overall chassis make this one of the most complete vehicle packages on the market today and is made right here in the USA.”

Look out for the Iconic AC Roadster sometime in 2011.

2011 Iconic AC Roadster:

– By: Omar Rana