2011 Ford Explorer passes 30,000 Facebook fans, celebrated with new teaser

2011 Ford Explorer Grille

The unveiling of the 2011 Ford Explorer is just 4 days away so you can expect all the teasing to end very soon. However, FoMoCo today released another teaser of the 2011 Explorer on Facebook – but this time there’s a reason behind (seeing as it’s probably one of the most revealing teaser shots we’ve seen of the new model).

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Earlier this month, FoMoCo announced that it will give away a brand new 2011 Ford Explorer if its Facebook page hits more than 30,000 fans – at the time there were around 7,000 fans. Today, the page hit more than 30,000 (currently at 33,325 to be exact).

“Congratulations Explorer fans! We hit 30,000 fans and Ford is excited to give away an all-new 2011 Ford Explorer. Stay tuned for the launch of our sweepstakes tab, so that you can enter for your chance to win. We promise you’ll be the first to hear about it.”

Make sure you join us Monday for the unveiling of the 2011 Ford Explorer. We’ll be on hand in New York City bringing you all the details and live images.

2011 Ford Explorer (New Teasers):

– By: Omar Rana