Survey: Most arguments behind the wheel are about directions

You probably love arguing with your significant other just as much as we do (there is a lot of sarcasm in that sentence). As a car enthusiast and as (probably) a driver, you should be well aware that arguing with your significant other behind the wheel is very dangerous.

In a survey of 2,200 people conducted by the British, nearly 70 percent admitted to being involved in an argument in a car at least once a month. 18 percent said that they had fights in a car at least once a week. 25 percent of the respondents admitted that fights could distract a driver and cause an accident, while almost all said that arguing in a car was very dangerous.

The survey was commissioned by Halfords, a British car accessories company that wanted to promote sales of portable navigation devices. The results of the survey also revealed that more than a third of those surveyed said that their arguments happened to center around directions on the road.

Those involved in in-car fights said arguments led to pointing the finger at their partners, with 65 percent saying that the basis of the argument started with the other person’s poor navigating skills. Women complained the most saying that men never ask for directions or check directions before getting in the car.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Wheels