Range Rover TDV8 diesel not for U.S… not yet at least

2011 Range Rover

Towards the end of the Bush Administration and even more pronouncedly in the Obama Administration, Washington””and the White House in particular””have been demanding more efficient automobiles from carmakers hoping to sell their products in the USA.

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No matter what one”s take on these policy decisions, it is undeniable that certain desirable models are left out in the cold. One such model, the Land Rover TDV8, will suffer exactly this fate.

The 4.4 L engine meets Euro5 standards. Commendable, but US emission standards are equivalent to Euro6, which take hold in Europe in 2014. Land Rover will have to update the engine before the implementation of Euro6 policies, which will take hold in roughly the same timeframe as Land Rover”s next update, which LR have also announced to be released in 2014. At that point””assuming the US does not impose even more stringent standards””buyers can expect a V8, diesel Land Rover stateside.

2011 Range Rover:

– By: Zain Haq

Source: AutoCar