JE Design gives Volkswagen GTI some Golf R power

JE Design Volkswagen Golf GTI-R

The Volkswagen Golf has always been one of the automotive world”s most customized cars; everyone from amateurs working out of their garages to design teams have taken their crack at making the vehicle a car to race. Indeed, VW itself sported up the Golf by releasing the Golf R at the Frankfurt Auto show, and now JE Design has taken the GTI and created a similar model for buyers now.

Called the GTI-R, it produces 267-hp from the 2.0 L turbocharged engine- the same as V-dubs Golf R. And while the corporate attempt takes 6.9 seconds from 0-60, JE”s GTI-R does it in 6.4 seconds. The 160 mph top speed of JE”s creation also slightly trumps the original.

The car will cast a striking image as well: with side skirts and a central spoiler, as well as 19″ black alloy wheels, the car will not soon be forgotten. The sound, coming from a customized muffler, should impress as well. All in all, JE Design has created a strong offering from what it was given in the GTI; the question remains, however, whether buyers will prefer it to Volkswagen Golf-R, which comes to American shores in 2011.

JE Design Volkswagen Golf GTI-R:

– By: Zain Haq

Source: JE Designs (via WCF)