Porsche threatens to sue Nissan over using logo in ad campaign

Porsche and Nissan regularly hit up the Nurburgring with the Porsche 911 and the Nissan GT-R to win bragging rights. Well, Nissan capitalized on its victory over Porsche at the Nurburgring with some aggressive guerrilla marketing activity used in a new campaign with slick titles such as “The Germans Came Off Wurst” and “The Winner Hans Down.”

Things heated up when Nissan showed up to the Goodwood Festival over last weekend with sports cars with logos of BMW, Audi and Porsche on the side with a five bar gate scoring system “etched” next to each brand showing the number of victories it had at the Nurburgring against them.

The move caused Porsche executives to call up Nissan’s and complain and even threaten legal action – not because Porsche is embarrassed, but because Porsche doesn’t allow anyone or any company to use its logo without their permission.

“The problem arose with them using our Porsche crests,” said Andrea Baker, head of public relations at Porsche. “They are our property and we do not give permission to any company to use our crests without our permission. This applies to any company.”

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Guardian