For Charity: Roush and Shelby create Mustang SR-71… together

2011 Roush Shelby SR-71 Mustang

Many a Mustang afficianado has wondered what would happen if the two iconic men of the art-Jack Roush and Carroll Shelby- were to work together on one Mustang, taking the best of all their experience and talent. Well, wayward thoughts have now been realized, in the name of fundraising for the Experimental Aircraft Association. The Mustang, named the SR-71 (both as a combination of Shelby and Roush and as an homage to the SR-71 Blackbird), will be auctioned on July 29th at the EAA”s flagship airshow.

The Mustang SR-71″s power comes with a 5.0 L V8 supplemented by a 2.3L supercharger and a special Roush intake, with the handling covered by the Mustang handling pack. Ford has also added a roll cage and special intake, to make the driving experience the finest one can find from a Mustang.

And with a striking matte grey paint as well as custom graphics and rims, the machine will turn heads with its visage as well as its speed. The interior will feature Recaro racing seats with embedded signatures of both Shelby and Roush, as well as modified instrumentation and navigational displays, as well as only two seats to give the impression of a true racing car. All in all, this car looks to be the best a Mustang can be; with Jack Roush and Carroll Shelby coming together, all Mustang lovers have something to be very, very excited about.

– By: Zain Haq