Texting and driving now illegal in 30 states

Texting and driving is now officially illegal in a total of 30 states. Delaware became the 30th state to ban drivers form texting and driving as Gov. Jack Martell signed legislation last week that would fine on handheld cell phone use.

A week prior to that, Massachusetts enacted a law that would give a $100 fine for a first texting and driving offense. For a second offense the fine rises to $250 and $500 for the third. Massachusetts is also taking it a step further and taking age into consideration. Any 18 year old caught texting and driving will have their license suspended for 60 days in addition to the fine. The teenagers will also be required to take an “attitude” course before getting their driving privileges back.

According to the Transportation Department, around 6,000 people were killed on U.S. roads in 2008 due to distracted driving – with the highest proportion involving teenage drivers.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit News