EcoMotors gets $23.5 million funding from Bill Gates and Vinod Khosla

Microsoft Chairman - Bill Gates

EcoMotors, a company based in suburban Detroit, announced today that it received $23.5 million from Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates and investor Vinod Khosla. The funding will go towards the testing of EcoMotors’ trademarked Opoc engine technology.

The company’s Opoc architecture allows its opposed piston-opposed cylinder to use 50 percent fewer parts than a standard engine. That results in the engine providing 50 percent more fuel-efficiency. CEO Don Runkle says that the company is working on its 6th generation engine and the funds will be used for the next engine’s configuration.

Runkle says it’s a positive feeling to have support from prominent investors like Gates and Khosla. He said that EcoMotors engines will be built in Michigan because of the states resources and workforce talent.

The investment will also help make key advances in commercializing its Opoc engine technology.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)