Honda: There is no hurry to develop a next-generation Civic

2010 Honda Civic

We learned earlier this year that the next-generation Honda Civic has been delayed until 2011. According to Honda’s PR guy Kurt Antonius, there is no hurry to introduce a redesigned model. Apparently, Honda feels that the current Civic is selling so well that they can take a little more time developing the next version of the compact car.

“The reality is that it is the success of the current model that enabled us to consider changing the launch timing of the upcoming model,” Antonius said. “The current Civic continues to offer customers a very competitive combination of style, fuel economy, safety and value – and Civic’s current sales numbers support the point.”

The Civic accounts for about 1 million units a year globally, with the U.S. accounting for one-third of those sales.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Honda (via Drive On)