Dagger GT promises to be most powerful, fastest road-legal car ever

Transtar Racing Dagger GT

So you thought the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport was something to get excited about (if you’re into that 250 mph+ type thing). Well, just wait until you get a load of the Transtar Racing Dagger GT, an American-built supercar that promises to be the most powerful, world record-setting supercar ever built.

Transtar says that the its 3,000 pound, two-seater Dagger GT will push 2,000-hp while going from 0-60 mph in just 1.5 seconds (according to their calculations). The company also says that the Dagger GT will come from 60 mph to rest in 4 seconds and will run the quarter mile in a whopping 6.6 seconds at 204 mph.

What happens if you keep your foot on the accelerator after 204 mph and have enough road ahead of you? Apparently, Transtar says that you can take the Dagger GT up to an eye-watering top speed of 314 mph.

As of right now all this is a dream along with a very creative looking site featuring drawings, calculations and renderings. We’re not saying that the Dagger GT won’t ever be a reality – but”¦ well, check them out for yourself.

Transtar Racing Dagger GT:

Source: Transtar Racing