Study: Yellow cars are less likely to be stolen by thieves

We”ve all seen them; those bright yellow cars that are reminiscent of taxi-cabs and school busses, and wondered to ourselves, “Who the heck would drive such a thing?” Apparently though, there is an upside to driving such an off-beat car; they are less vulnerable to theft.

Huffington Post lends mention to a Dutch study regarding bicycles. The study found that pink bicycles are less apt to be stolen, when compared to more mundane colors, and then tries to draw the comparison to vehicles.

One expert says that yellow vehicles are the only way to real distinction in a world dominated by drab, earth-toned cars. Aside from the fact that a stolen bright yellow Mazda 3 sticks out like a sore thumb and would be picked by the cops a mile and a half away, the study suggests that one good reason for increased incidents of theft among so-colored cars is that the color is so unpopular that it diminishes resale value, which is generally priority one to car thieves.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Huffington Post (via Drive On)