Report: Ferrari Enzo successor due in 2012, 458 Italia Scuderia coming 2013

Ferrari 458 Italia

We recently heard reports that Ferrari has no plans to do 458 Italia Scuderia – well, if the guys at Motor Trend are to be believed, that’s not entirely true. According to Motor Trend, the same month Ferrari unveiled its 599 GTO, it confirmed that it will do a Scuderia version of the 458 Italia in 2013. However, before that, Ferrari will unveil its new V8 twin-turbo Enzo successor.

Reports suggest that the 458 Italia Scuderia will get parts of the aluminum body switched out for carbon fiber, as well as a lightened chassis. Because of the lengthy timeframe, Ferrari has not yet released performance numbers, or additional advancements, that the 458 Scuderia will receive.

Ferrari Enzo

As for the new Enzo, Ferrari’s boss has previously confirmed that the successor will receive a twin-turbo V8. The downsizing from the V12 does not, however, imply in any way a shortage on power: the new model has been pegged as having over 700 horses at its disposal. This power will go through a seven-speed sequential gearbox, with a dual-clutch setup to help with the general operating of the car.

Ferrari is also ready to move with the Enzo”s successor to a carbon-fiber body, though with less exclusive models Ferrari restated its commitment to aluminum. And Ferrari”s engineers are busy at work learning lessons from the 599 GTO and 599XX, fine-tuning the new monster”s aerodynamics and stability control; in fact, Ferrari believes that even the best drivers will be better served leaving the stability control on the New Enzo on. It seems that, with their successor to the Enzo, Ferrari is trying their hardest to show just what they can do, and it should be music to any gearhead”s ears. Ferrari will set the automotive world abuzz with this news- and, once it has a name, supercar manufacturers across the world may very well have a new gold standard.

– Zain Haq

Source: Motor Trend