Report: Citroen kills plans to produce GTbyCitroen


It’s been almost one year since we heard that Citroen will be making a limited 6 units of its GTbyCitroen supercar concept. According to recent reports, the GTbyCitroen will not be going into production (I know, we’re pretty upset to).

It is said that Citroen decided that the limited 6 units of the GTbyCitroen won’t be worth the time, effort and cost that would have to go into making them. Apparently, they would rather have their engineers work on small sports cars like the DS3 Racing.

Citroen”s product head Vincent Besson previously admitted that the production model will carry a Ford or GM V8 making at least 500-hp mated to paddle-shift manual gearbox.

It was a nice dream while it lasted.


– By: Omar Rana

Source: Caradisiac (via WCF)