FoMoCo CEO Alan Mulally to lunch with President Obama

President Barack Obama with Alan Mulally

President Obama was scheduled for a luncheon today in the White House with business leaders from around the country; the group was said to have included Alan Mulally, president and CEO for FoMoCo. Throughout his tenure in office, Obama has held seven such luncheons, but Mullally’s attendance marke the first by an auto exec. The luncheon is expected to pose for Mulally the perfect opportunity to address Obama about the Korea Free Trade agreement; Ford praised the White House for moving towards opening access to South Korea for American automakers.

“Ford Motor Co. looks forward to working with the administration and Congress on an agreement that provides meaningful market access for our manufacturers that shows rapid growth of American-made automobiles sold in Korea, and that is enforceable,” Ford said in a statement earlier this week.

Obama said at the G-20 summit in Canada this weekend that he wants to resolve differences with South Korea before his trip there in November, and submit an agreement to Congress shortly thereafter.

Korea is infamous for closing their market to auto imports.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News