Get rid of chrome: Audi of America adds Titanium Package for most 2011 model year vehicles

2011 Audi S5 with Titanium Package

Tired and sick of all the chrome on your Audi? Well, you’ve probably missed the “Black Optics” option offered by the brand for years. The option basically gets rid of most of the chrome trim including grille surrounds, adds some window treatment and interior touches.

For the 2011 model year lineup, Audi of America will relaunch the option and call it the “Titanium Package.” The model will be offered on mostly ever sedan and coupe including the A4, A4 Avant, S4, A5 and S5 coupes. It is actually the first time Audi will be offering the package on an S-car.

Audi has yet to announce pricing but details of the Titanium Package have been delivered to dealers and production has already begun on some Titanium Package equipped models.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Fortitude