Video: Automobile demos Mini 50 Camden’s Mission Control voice future, uses KITT’s voice

Mission Control features on Mini 50 Camden

“Mission Control in the MINI 50 Camden is the first step into a brand-new world of interactive in-car entertainment, offering a driving experience never seen before,” says Mini – but it can be very annoying as well. What exactly is Mission Control?

Basically, it’s a feature in the Mini 50 Camden that reads the driver’s actions and actually talks back in a dialogue form. For example, when you get in your Mini, one of the three voices will greet you and say something like “All is good, seatbelt is in place.”

However, to make this future a little more fun, Mini provides the 1,300 audio phrases on an SD card, which means you can record your own phrases in any voice… like KITT for example as demonstrated by the folks over at Automobile.

Check out a video of their demo after the jump.

Feature: Look Who’s Talking – 2010 Mini Cooper Camden:

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