Scenic driving routes used by car companies that you should visit

Driving everyday to work and back home is probably starting to get very boring for you as you travel on the all-too-familiar routes. So where do you go when you want some scenery, some curves and some nice long stretches where you can test the potential of your car (note: we are not saying you should break speed limits and drift around corners – we’re just saying that you should be careful if you decide to do it and break the law).

Usually, when automakers invite us out to test-drive their latest products, they pick very nice locations that are scenic and engaging and show off their new model’s potential to the media. Where can you find these roads for a nice Sunday getaway?

The Wall Street Journal hit up Ted Prappas, a former racer of Apex Events who identifies drives for clients such as Honda to find out. His job consists of finding scenic and some freeway driving to give drivers the overall feel of the car in normal operation.

Here are some routes Mr. Prappas and others have scouted out for automakers.

  • Portland Mountains and Forest
  • Malibu Canyons
  • Virginia Countryside
  • Upper Delaware River

For complete detailed information on the routes, head over to the WSJ.

– By: Kap Shah