Ford will do its best to hold on to 70% of police vehicle market

2012 Ford Police Interceptor

Lisa Teed, brand marketing manager for FoMoCo”s police vehicle program, is confident that her company will continue its dominance of the market because it gives its customers what they seek: two pursuit-rated vehicles. Ford announced earlier this year that this run of the classic Crown Victoria will be the last; the car will be replaced by the new Police Interceptor, which will share a platform with the company”s flagship, the Ford Taurus.

Though some departments were unhappy about the move, Ford was able to win some skeptics over with its array of technologies designed for a safer, faster, and greener police vehicle. The Crown Victoria currently accounts for 70% of commissioned police vehicles in the country. Also set to be produced is a police utility vehicle based on the same platform as the all-new Ford Explorer planned to be revealed later this year.

“When you own 70 percent of the market and you understand your customers, they tell you what their needs are,” said Teed. “They need flexibility, and that’s what this second vehicle brings.”

Ford has based their new police program around the tenet that not all police departments require the same type of vehicle. More and more departments are heeding the use of SUVs for their versatility, but many southern departments prefer front-wheel drive vehicles as opposed to the all-wheel drive ones preferred up north.

2012 Ford Police Interceptor:

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News