Report: Hyundai considering a full-size pickup

Dodge Ram 1500

According to sources that spoke with, Hyundai is considering to jumping into the full-size pickup segment. Hyundai recently held a research clinic with pickup buyers in California and Texas using a Ram 1500 customized with a Hyundai-style grille and interior upgrades.

Sources say that the response from the focus groups was positive enough to keep the project moving forward.

A spokesperson for Hyundai Motor America said that adding a pickup truck to its lineup isn’t currently in the company’s product pipeline.

“We never say never about future products we might add,” the spokesman said, “but pickup trucks are not a high priority for us.”

Sources says that Hyundai Motor Company (not Hyundai Motor America), may be running the research without Hyundai Motor America’s knowledge.

– By: Omar Rana