Survey says: Men fall out of love with their cars quicker than women

Men certainly have the reputation of being more into their cars than women, but according to a survey conducted by, women are three-times more likely than men to stay in love longer with their new ride.

The survey, based on about 2,500 responses, showed that 39% of women tended to fall out of the honeymoon phase when they let their spouse drive their car, and 24% when they started to carpool other kids. 33% of men grew tired of their cars when they started parking close to other cars, and another 22% when they began to transport sports equipment in the back seat.

Least surprising however, was the fact that those who lease their cars tend to fall out of love quicker than purchasers. According to the survey:

Honeymoon period is over for men when they:

  • Park around other cars (33%)
  • Start transporting sports equipment (22%)
  • Clean their car less frequently (17%)
  • Let high payments to start bothering them (12%)
  • No longer fight over who drives during long trips (3%)

And for women it’s over when:

  • Let their spouse finally drive the car (39%)
  • Start car-pooling other kids (24%)
  • Start eating in car (12%)
  • Begin putting on makeup on while driving (9%)
  • Leave clothes in the car (6%)
  • Start smoking in the car (2%)

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: DriveOn