Volkswagen invites users and developers to create apps for App My Ride contest

2011 Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen announced that it is inviting a group of designers, programmers, developers and interested users to develop applications for the Volkswagen Infotainment system of the future. Known as the “App My Ride” contest, users will be able to jointly develop new Infotainment applications with Volkswagen.

“A quiet revolution is taking place right now,” explains Dr Johann Füller, CEO of the innovation agency partner to Volkswagen through the “App My Ride” competition, Hyve AG. “The customer-orientated culture of the internet places an enormous power in the hands of the users. Leading organizations are starting to harness this power to develop better solutions and increase their competitiveness.”

It’s kind of what Ford is doing with its SYNC AppLink system. So far the Dearborn automaker has teamed up with six students from the University of Michigan-Dearborn to develop apps.

The only difference is that if you create an app for Volkswagen’s “App My Ride” contest you can win more that $18,000 and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Click through for the press release for more details.

Press Release:

Volkswagen Invites Users to Help Create the Infotainment Systems of the Future
Open Innovation Contest, “App My Ride”, begins on 3rd May

Wolfsburg, Germany — April 26, 2010 — Volkswagen is inviting designers, programmers, developers and interested users to help develop applications for the Infotainment systems of the future as part of the Open Innovation Contest, “App My Ride”. With this contest, Volkswagen has become the first car manufacturer to use the idea of open innovation for the further development of its products.

In the so-called “App My Ride” competition, users can jointly develop new Infotainment applications with Volkswagen. A jury of experts will select the winner whose creativity will be rewarded with special prizes. So-called apps, also known as application programmes for certain devices which are available through an online shop, have helped to contribute to the smartphone boom. Applications designed by users (User Generated Content) are of central importance to the boom and are made available online by other users. Companies like Apple and Google successfully aid this nearly inexhaustible source of innovation.

Currently a prototype for Volkswagen”s Infotainment system is being developed in which Flash applications designed by different creators can be accumulated. In order to research the potential of apps for the vehicle Infotainment system, Volkswagen is trying to produce the most varied collection of applications possible.

An “innovation community” open to all internet users will be created as of 3rd May 2010 for the competition under the following URL: Here, participants in the competition can log in and either load programmed apps or send in their creative ideas for future ones. “The participants are supposed to imagine what the purpose of their ideal Infotainment system is and how it would work and now they have the opportunity to make it a reality. At the same time, you can analyse the existing apps on our platform and discuss their design, uses and purposes,” explains Dr Peter Oel, Head of “Control Designs and Drivers” of Volkswagen Group Research.

To develop an app, the participants must have the following:

– An idea for an app to be installed in a vehicle

– Graphic design of the user interface

– Programming in Adobe Flash / Flex

The purpose, design and logical construction of the app should be geared towards the possible requirements of drivers and other occupants.

The participant”s creativity will be rewarded at the end of the competition. The most innovative application will be chosen by the “App My Ride” community and a jury consisting of Volkswagen managers and external experts. Besides cash and non-cash prizes worth up to €14,000, a special prize for students will also be awarded. This involves a placement within Volkswagen Group Research in Tokyo, Shanghai, California or Wolfsburg. Moreover, the winner of the competition can also expect an exclusive trip to take part in an international vehicle presentation which covers the costs of the flight and hotel.

– By: Kap Shah