Musk: More Tesla models coming along with four-wheel-drive and affordability

Tesla Model S

We’ve heard about it before and Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk reiterated it again yesterday. Musk said that Tesla will offer more models besides the Roadster and the Model S sedan in its ambitious plans for growth.

The Tesla Model S sedan is due out in 2012 and will sell for less than half the price of the Roadster at about $50,000, including a federal tax credit. Musk said that around the same time that Tesla launches the Model S, it will stop producing the Roadster and will come out with a successor in late 2013.

He also said that more Tesla products are to follow including a crossover. Four-wheel-drive will also be offered on future Tesla vehicles. We’ve previously heard plans for a BMW 3-Series sized electric sedan by 2015 that is expected to lift total annual production for Tesla to around 200,000 units a year.

Musk said that affordability of Tesla vehicles will increase with each new product and that by the time the third model arrives, the company’s vehicles are expected to be attainable for mainstream customers.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoWeek