Buy a $4.3 million Malibu house and get a rare Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

In the current market, getting bidders to visit a exclusive resident spot in Malibu, California has become very difficult for listing agents. One agent has recognized this and is offering an incentive that may be difficult for a wealthy enthusiast to turn down.

If you drop $4,399,333 for his client’s 6,000 sq-ft home, he will throw in a rare Ferrari F40. Only 213 units of the 200 mph F40 supercar made it to the United States and according to Michael Sheehan, a Ferrari historian, a F40 can still fetch around $350,000. He said a low mileage F40 can demand nearly $600,000.

The odometer reading on the Ferrari F40 on the car in Malibu right now? 734 miles – making it one of the lowest-mileage F40s available on the open market.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Wheels