BREAKING: Next-generation Sebring to be called Chrysler Nassau

Chrysler Nassau Concept

According to dealers and others familiar with the company’s product plan, Chrysler’s next-generation Sebring mid-size sedan will now be called Nassau.

A Chrysler spokesman declined to comment when asked about the Nassau name, reports Free Press.

The new name is seen as a move by Chrysler to re-establish credibility in the high-volume midsize car segment after the Sebring, which was criticized for its cheap interior and poor quality.

The Nassau name was used on a Chrysler concept car that was shown at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show but the car will not look like that study, said Jim Hall, a consultant whose firm, 2953 Analytics, advises automakers on future vehicles.

“Chrysler bought the Nassau name when they came out with the concept so it makes sense they would use it,” Hall said.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Free Press