Teacher gets stolen Honda Accord back in drag-racing condition

Amanda Pogany's 1996 Honda Accord returned in drag-race condition

How many who have experienced the misfortune of a stolen car have had it returned to them with value-raising work done? Nobody? Didn”t think so. That is exactly what happened however, to Brooklyn, New York teacher Amanda Pogany when her “96 Accord was stolen.

The car, stolen in 2006, had found its way into the hands of an enthusiast who had dropped a new engine under the hood, tinted the windows, put on oversized tires with special hubcaps and custom valve stems, leather interior, and a manual transmission.

“When I first saw under the hood I thought it looked like, you know in the movie ‘Grease?’ Like the ‘Grease Lightning’ car,” said Pogany, 31, who lives in Prospect Heights.

Police had found the car during a raid on a chop shop in Queens, and were able to trace the car back to Pogany, even though the VIN had been scraped off. The car was in the middle of the transmission installation during the raid.

Pogany has not been able to take the car for a joyride herself however, as she doesn”t know how to drive stick, and is still awaiting a new VIN and vehicle registration. Don”t worry though, she has a few friends who have volunteered to give her stick lessons.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: NY Daily News (via AutoBlog)