Jaguar XF Diesel S police patrol vehicle goes into service

Jaguar XF Diesel S Police Patrol Vehicle

Serving and protecting your country is never a bad thing, but it only gets better when your cruiser is a hot car – we’re pretty sure it makes a tiring day on any job go by quicker. Well, if there is one place we’d love to serve and protect, it will have to be the Midland. The Central Motorway Police Group, which patrols motorways across Staffordshire, Mercia and the West Midlands, has bought seven high-performance Police vehicles based on the Jaguar XF Diesel S model.

The model comes fitted with a roof mounted light bar with 3600 blue flashing lights and integrated side alley lights, blue and white flashing LED lights inside the front grille, side mounted blue flashing LED lights, blue and red flashing LED lights integrated in the rear light clusters and a Home Office-specification electronics ‘Police pack’ that powers a full suite of electronic equipment that help make these cars the ultimate Police vehicles.

Power for the XF Diesel S comes from a 3.0L Diesel S engine making 275-hp with a parallel sequential turbocharger system. 0 to 60 mph comes in 5.9 seconds and fuel-economy figures are estimated at 42 mpg (35 mpg in U.S. terms).

Jaguar XF Diesel S Police Patrol Vehicle:

– By: Kap Shah