Jeremy Clarkson on the BMW X1, “It’s not a car. It’s rubbish.”

2011 BMW X1

Jeremy Clarkson has just finished test driving the new BMW X1, which won’t arrive in the United States until 2011, and gave the new German SUV/Crossover one star out of five.

Clarkson writes:

I felt BMW might be able to pull off a bit of a winner, then. It had learnt some lessons with the woeful X3 and it really has got styling worked out these days. Plus, BMWs are almost always better to drive than any of the cars with which they compete.

Sadly, I was to be disappointed. First of all, the X1 looks like a Hyundai that”s been subjected to a thousand years of wind erosion. It”s dreary. And it”s much the same story on the inside, where you are greeted with lots of extremely scratchy plastic and almost no equipment at all.

He wraps up his article by saying: “If it were a book, it would have no plot and a stupid cover and it would fall to pieces in the sun. But it isn”t a book. And neither is it a car. It”s rubbish.”

Gotta love Clarkson. Click here to read his full review.

2011 BMW X1:

2011 BMW X1 2011 BMW X1 2011 BMW X1

– By: Omar Rana

Source: TimesOnline