Panasonic presents first next-gen lithium-ion EV battery to Tesla

Panasonic President Naoto Noguchi hands Tesla CTO JB Straubel an 18650 Lithium-ion cell

Earlier this year, Tesla Motors and Panasonic announced today that they will collaborate to develop next-generation battery cells for use in electric-vehicles.

Today Tesla officials visited the Japanese electronic giant in Suminoe, Japan and toured the company’s new lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing facility. Panasonic Energy Company President Naoto Noguchi presented Tesla Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel with the first production lithium-ion cells manufactured at the new facility.

“These cutting-edge Panasonic batteries will combine with Tesla’s battery pack technology to produce the highest-energy density EV battery packs in the world,” said Straubel.

The Suminoe factory will start producing 3.1Ah battery cells, the highest energy density cells available in the market. The facility will produce more than 300 million cells per year.

– By: Kap Shah