Hyundai Genesis PM580 to run at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Unlike other forms of motorsport, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Unlimited Class carries no restrictions and gives teams and racers to create any kind of race car they want to conquer the mountain. That mean it doesn”t matter what type of tires your car wears, how much it weight, or how much horsepower it pushes out from its engine.

Meet Rhys Millen and Hyundai”s new Genesis PM580, a modern Le Mans style car with a target weight of just 1,850 pounds. Power comes from a 4.1L Hyundai Lambda turbocharged V6 making 750-hp. However, the team feels that to have a competitive power-to-weight ratio, they will have to detune the engine to produce 675-hp.

“We are building a car for today’s road,” said Millen “The car will have a sleek aerodynamic body, the grip of Toyo Proxy tires and the power and durability of a Hyundai engine. This is the package I need to break the record.”

The Hyundai Genesis PM580 will feature a carbon fiber aerodynamic body with an active rear wing. The wing will create less drag in the straight-aways and more stability in cornering and braking. The car will also carry an active center differential, which will allow a 10 to 100 percent torque split to the front wheels.

Hyundai Genesis PM580:


Chromoly frame and roll cage
Two Quaife differentials
Weismann semi-automatic AWD transmission
Tilton Racing clutch
3.8-liter Lambda V6 engine stroked to 4.1-liters
HKS T04Z turbocharger
Bar and plate intercooler
Custom RMR stainless exhaust manifolds
Carbon fiber Brembo brakes and pads
17-inch HRE wheels
275/40 Toyo rear tires
RMR customer carbon fiber body with front and rear diffusers
Active wing by Aeromotions

– By: Kap Shah