Bill Ford has no plans to return to the position of CEO at FoMoCo

Bill Ford Jr., Chairman of FoMoCo, has no plans to return to the job of Chief Executive Officer in the future. In an interview with Reuters, Bill said that if he has his way, Alan Mulally will put off his own retirement until the middle of next decade.

He said that when the job for CEO of Ford does open up, he is pretty confident that he won’t be called again, because unlike in 2001 when he was CEO, the company now has a bunch of managers who will be ready to fill Mulally’s shoes.

“No, I don’t see myself going back ever,” Bill said. “You never say never, but it would be hard to envision the circumstances.”

Bill, 52, is pretty happy with the company founded by his great grandfather. FoMoCo has finally found its way back to profitability and is the only Big 3 domestic automaker that didn’t ask the Obama administration for federal funding to survive.

“I take great pleasure in the fact that Ford has not only survived, but really is being held in such high regard now around the country and around the globe,” he said.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Reuters