2010 New York: Mazda announces, SKY-D high-performance diesel for U.S.

Mazda has announced plans to launch its all-new SKY Concept powertrains in the United States starting as early as 2011.

“By launching our SKY technologies into the global market place, beginning in 2011, we will take a huge step toward accomplishing our stated goal of achieving a 30-percent improvement in global fuel economy by 2015,” said Takashi Yamanouchi, representative director, president and CEO, Mazda Motor Corporation.

The first of the two engines to be introduced in the U.S. will be the Mazda SKY-G, the company’s next-generation gasoline engine that will be the core powertrain in future Mazda vehicles. SKY-G is expected to boost fuel efficiency by approximately 15 percent while increasing engine power.

The SKY-G engine will be followed by the SKY-D engine, a high-performance diesel engine that will allow its next-generation Mazda6 mid-size sedan to achieve 43 mpg on the highway – “which is better than today’s mid-sized hybrids – and a 20-percent improvement in fuel efficiency over Mazda’s current 2.2-liter diesel,” Yamanouchi said.

“By optimizing our existing technologies – engines, transmissions, weight reduction and aerodynamics – we aim to benefit all our customers and minimize the cost of ownership,” said Yamanouchi. “The phased introduction of these new technologies will form the building blocks of Mazda’s future.”

– By: Kap Shah