Shutting down computers overnight will save Ford more than $1.2 million

FoMoCo isn’t only working on making its products go green – the company is also committed to energy efficiency and saving money at the office. Under a new program called PC Power Management, Ford will start asking its users to shutdown their computer systems overnight and on the weekends to further reduce energy.

“At the same time, the system ensures all computers connected to the Ford Intranet are awake and able to receive software deliveries during off hours, decreasing downtime during working hours due to software loads,” Ford said in a statement.

Ford says that the savings by powering down the computers not in use will top $1.2 million annually when the system is fully implemented. “By reducing PC power consumption, Ford also stands to reduce its carbon footprint by an estimated 16,000 to 25,000 metric tons annually,” Ford said.

“In the past, as many as 60 percent of Ford”s PC users haven”t shut their PCs off at the end of the business day, resulting in wasted energy,” said Keith Forte, Ford IT project supervisor. “Going forward, we”ll be able to manage PC power consumption more efficiently while minimizing interruptions during the working day as a result of software updates.”

PC Power Management will be rolled out to Ford computer systems across the U.S. this month and will be migrated to Ford operations around the world later in the year.

– By: Omar Rana