BMW trademark filings hint at Gran Coupe, Project i, performance diesel, electric offerings

According to findings by BMWBlog (they are a pretty trustworthy source of BMW news), BMW has filed some trademark registrations that give us a hint of some future models. However, keep in mind that most of the names registered by a car manufacturer may not be¬†associated with a new model, they could be simply labeled as “placeholders.”

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Here are BMW”s latest trademark registration filings.

  • M 50 d
  • Urbanic
  • Gran Coupe
  • Compactive
  • Compactive Tourer

Click through to see the full list.

  • i1
  • i2
  • i3
  • i4
  • i5
  • i6
  • i7
  • i8
  • i9
  • E1
  • E2
  • E3
  • E4
  • E5
  • E6
  • E7
  • E8
  • E9

Now what shall we make of these trademarks?

M 50 d: Will most likely be a tri-turbo performance diesel model that will start with the 5-Series and make its way upward to the 6-Series.

Urbanic: Will be the specification for the MegaCity vehicles.

Gran Coupe: ¬†You can probably figure this one out on your own but these will most likely be Coupe versions of BMW’s new Gran Turimso lineup.

Compactive and Compactive Tourer: These vehicles will most likely be BMW’s upcoming front-wheel-drive models.

i: These will be BMW’s Project i vehicles.

e: The ‘e’ badging will be found on BMW’s pure electric-vehicles like the Mini E and the BMW ActiveE Concept.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: BMWBlog