Sketches of never-before-seen MG sports cars hit the web

Sketches of three never-before-seen MG vehicles have hit the internet. The sketches show three vehicles that were being developed in 2005 and show a new coupe, redesigned Midget and a new TF Roadster.

Automotive designer Lee Mitchell, who created the three vehicles, said that all models were meant to use the next-generation TF architecture and an updated engine making between 120-180-hp.

Mitchell said that the biggest problem with the cars were the same driving position in the TF would have to be used on the two other vehicles along with financing. He said all three vehicles were to be conceived on the idea of an aluminum-tub.

“For relatively little investment, we would have had an amazing mid-engined platform that cured the packaging problems,” Mitchell said. “There was every intention to take the brand back to the US as MG Rover really needed to find new markets for its products. If new investment comes through, there is no guarantee MG would return to North America.”

Mitchell said he felt that MG was on the way to make history and its “a pity it never came to fruition.”

MG Coupe, Midget, Roadster Sketches:

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoExpress, (via WCF)