Question of the Day: Would you consider buying an electric-car in 2010/2011?

Two of the most anticipated fuel-efficient cars of 2010 will hit showrooms by the end of this year – one being the pure electric Nissan Leaf and the other being Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric-car. While both will be available in limited quantities at first, by mid-to-late 2011, electric-cars and plug-in hybrids will become somewhat widely available.

Yes, we know that the Tesla Roadster is available right now, but many of us don’t have over $109,000 to purchase one.

Either way, we were wondering if you would consider buying a pure, fairly affordable, electric-car or plug-in hybrid within the next 2 years since the technology is still fairly new. Do you have any hesitations or do you think you’ll be able to go green easily without a second thought.

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– By: Omar Rana