2010 Geneva Preview: Rinspeed UC? New Mobility Concept Car

Rinspeed always comes to Geneva with a very imaginative concept. This year, however, Rinspeed will unveil its UC? New Mobility Concept Car (that’s UC with a “?” mark) at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, but the biggest surprise is that the concept was designed to be ready for future series production.

The two-seater electric-drive UC?, which stands for Urban Commuter, measures less than 2.60 meters in length and is intended to help avoid gridlock in the inner cities. It also comes with an advanced railcar loading system option that will help cover long distances by train- comfortable, stress-free, and without traffic jams.

“The goal is to create a new mobility concept that integrates individual car ownership and public transportation,” Rinspeed said in a statement. “A transverse loading system using custom railcars allows loading and unloading of numerous Rinspeed UC vehicles simultaneously and in a very short time. Train passages are booked and reserved online directly from the vehicle. Harman International provides the permanent 3G internet connection as well as marvelous sound on wheels. VoIP2Car technology provides IP telephone service, video chat, video conferences, e-mail and many more features in the Rinspeed UC?.”

The customer railcars will also feature charging stations where drivers can charge their UC?’s battery to its maximum operating range.

The Rinspeed UC? produces 96 lb-ft of torque, has an operating range of 65 miles and a top speed of 74 mph. According to Rinspeed, that is more than enough for  most traffic in urban areas. It said statistics show that in Europe, 82 percent of all trips cover distances of less than 37 miles.

We think it’s a cool idea but definitely a bit out there.

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Rinspeed UC? Concept:

– By: Omar rana